Hi Friends: I want to show you a preview of a new and original piece created by Martin Canale ( Argentina ) to Sideshow Collectibles. This magnificent sculpture, will be available very soon. I ´ve painted an original illustration for this deluxe edition, that will be inside the box of this figure. Soon i will show you my image, when the Grim Reaper will be available for sale. On the video, you can see a sketch of mine. Enjoy!


Niroot said...


Santiago CARUSO said...

Oh, Niroot! Thank you very much. this is just a sketch. I hope they publish it soon, so I could show all the process of the work.

I´ll notice you!

BE well,


RobyneBR said...

Wonderful - I can't wait to see more!

Santiago CARUSO said...

Dear Robyne: The sulpture is MARVELOUS. It will not take much time to see this. The people from Sideshow Collectibles are working on a huge presentation about the figure and the process of it. I will let you know.
I hope you´ll be well,