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The Spheres Virtual Platform presents:

In September 2011, The Spheres present N-Sphere, the gallery's monthly magazine. Gradually expanding to form its own galaxy, the N-Sphere includes an interconnected section with the music world. Main features for this month are: Taxi Driver Review, Blood Axis, Allerseelen, Andrew King Live in Belgium, How Dark is the Dark Knight?, Daniel Campos Alarcon, Giovanni Battista Piranesi.

The September guest exhibit features Quadreria Romantico Seriale this month, a project originating in Italy. In the Quadreria Romantico Seriale works, time flows backwards outside the mirrors, allowing the self and the ego to meet and do what they do best: be themselves. Visit the guest gallery here. An exclusive interview with the artist is included in the current issue of N-Sphere.

Don't forget about the The Spheres Virtual Art Gallery and the N-Sphere Art Magazine contest: THE MICROINSTALLATION ENDEAVOUR. In a world bound by change, how is art evolving? Answer this in our contest. Details here and on page 62 of the July 2011 issue.

|| Warning. The galleries may contain art that is not suitable for children and other impressionable minds. By accessing the guest gallery and downloading the issue of N-Sphere, you are confirming that you are of legal age in your country.

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