Hey you! Are you trying to kill me? I just sent you a small but beloved original as a present, a sample of my admiration for your art thruogh the years. But, this...is other thing.

I received your pack. It came yesterday to my mother´s house and I picked it a few minutes ago.
I opened it. Well, see, Mr Mignola: My jaw is on the floor and my heart is beating crazy since then, and the pressure is killing me.

I am still watching this:

Was not enough to you to send an original from "The Corpse", one of my favourite tales of Hellboy ?! No, nonononnon no,  you also sent me this wonderfull cover artwork, so strange, so particular in your style.
While I am laying on the floor, bleeding, you kicked me there with those gentle and beautiful dedication to my person.

Now, without irony. You have All the admirables aspects of the great artists: talent, deep ideas, a particular beauty and the hardest: generosity.  You are a good person, and the world needs people like you.

I really love this page since ever, because of the subtle face in the church. WOWOWOWOOWOWOW
I am acting like an anime girl. Sorry...

THANK YOU VERY MUCH, MIKE!!!! These pieces will hang in front of my working table and side by side to my dead body.


Isi said...



...Creo que no hay nada más que decir.

Orrin Grey said...

Oh man, I am so jealous! I love that cover!

Santiago CARUSO said...

Ni yo me lo creo!

Sebastián Cabrol said...

No creo que Mignola ande regalando originales a cualquiera; creo que realmente te admira (obviamente es mutua admiración)
Ahora, ¿cuando paso por tu casa?

Santiago CARUSO said...

Cuando quieras, Sebastian. de hecho me interesa conocerte, como te puse en otro post. Luego ví que eras de Entre ríos y pensé que se complicaba bastante. Cuando quieras.
Abrazo y gracias


Bo, Diego Bo. said...

Merecidísimo reconocimiento, mis felicitaciones.


Julián Aron said...

Tu trabajo, Santiago, merece este reconocimiento y mucho más. Sos un artista Universal.
...pero Mignola, mutherfucker, Mignola!!!??? AAAhhh!!! La bilis me ahoga!!!

Santiago CARUSO said...

HAHAHHAHAAAAAAA. Son muy generosos! Gracias, Julian. Ni yo lo puedo creer. Mignola me es muy querido, desde hace años. Bueno,
Se pueden venir a Quilmes a verlos cuando quieran. Siempre es más barato que tomar un avión.

Abrazo a todos,


Capitán Latinoamérica said...

A esto se le llama ser muy afortunado!

RobyneBR said...

Wow - incredible! I love his artwork. Now I am curious what you gave to him? Did you keep a picture of it?

Santiago CARUSO said...

Well, I gave him this one: http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7074/2078/1600/El%20Horror%20de%20Dunwich-gris.jpg

and a signed book with an original ex libris.


David Pugliese said...

Qué bueno, Santi!! Cuántos recuerdos... "El amigo Mike" Literalmente.