Jamie Delano: about the British situation

I would like to share with you part of a conversation via e-mail that I had with Jamie Delano, a respected and admired writer for me and lots of people, about the situation in Great Britain. I wanted to have their opinion, trusting in his clear view of his own society. As many of you, I was worried about how would the British people,  be reading these events of violence in the streets, under a false speech of the politicians and the big journals. 
If you want a clear reflection about it , please, read bellow this lines : 

"   Simply, if you keep people poor and at the same time tell them that success = material acquisition, then add to a long list of grievances at injustice by shooting one of their number dead in a taxi and then lying about the circumstances, you should not be surprised if a riot kicks off a spree of violent shopping, and then spreads like wildfire through means of modern communications technology.
   At heart of the piece though is war of machismo between government and police.  Police threatened months ago, in response to planned cuts to manpower and budget, that it would limit their ability to control the streets.  No surprise then that at the first sign of trouble, the police stand back for a couple of days to let cities burn and spoil politicians foreign holidays, only cracking down as pols come running home in a panic.
   I tweeted a link to a Guardian article today that takes a perspective I can largely agree with.  
( Jamie Delano   :a level head amongst fear-tilted liberals. Clamour for "robust" paramilitary policing is starting to make me queasy.)

   Sickest thing to me is clamour of (former?) liberals for police to use lethal force, and extreme judicial revenge, not to mention further limiting of free speech etc. etc.
Feral bankers = feral politicians = feral journos = feral youth.
Commentary from Iran, China, Syria, etc. is particularly ironic. 
Jamie "

Jamie Delano / 1954, Northampton, UK
Best known as the first writer of the comic book series Hellblazer, starring John Constantine. He is currently developing his prose style working on a novel.

I would like to illutrate their words, with these:


RobyneBR said...

Gracias por esta idea.

RobyneBR said...

(I'm working on my Spanish, sorry if it's strange)

Santiago CARUSO said...

Your Spanish is good. Thank you for writing to me in my own language!


Candace X. Moore said...

There is always more to the story, if we choose to scratch below the surface. Thanks for posting this perspective. Muchas gracias.

BOCA said...

,,, bellisima obra Santiago,,, creo que usted es muy autentico en su obra,,, saluos,,,

Phantom of Pulp said...

Excellent selection here.

Society doesn't want to face the fact that capitalistic priorities alienate the majority.

They act surprised when resentment surfaces.

Why is that surprising?

If society didn't place such a premium on material ownership, it would be surprising, but because it does, these protests are understandable.

Advertising is about making you feel inadequate. It targets insecurity. When people don't have enough money to "cure" that insecurity, resentment builds and violence surfaces.

Thank you for highlighting this, Santiago.

Santiago CARUSO said...

Thanks to you all, for your interesting comments.
Dear Mark: This neoliberalism is out of control and eating people. We must change this system. More control of teh State to the financial sistem, the banks, etc. Only the State could protect the people. The market don´t have a limit. They want more, and they don´t like to loose, never. But they did.