Coming Soon...

I was working on a cover for a death metal band from Sweden, called In Solitude. When I get the final sketch and wanted to start painting they put me off the project with no payment at all ( good people). Here you have some of the sketches I made for them.
I am making a big scratching with this idea for my personal collection. I hope to get it finished by the firsts days of February.


Dawson (Clawson) said...

I found your artwork when browsing for images for The Dunwich Horror (yours were great). I followed your blog in the event my band needed artwork, but we are poor and didn't think it would have been very professional (or nice) to have commissioned work without knowing how we would pay for it. Sorry to hear about your experience.

You do great dark artwork without being over the top. Keep up the awesome stuff!

Santiago CARUSO said...

Thank you , my friend!. When i upload this piece finished, those guys will weep so long.
Keep in touch, I am good and cheap. HAHhA!