Juana, La Tierra que se Levanta

"Los in­dios no la llaman Juana. La llaman Pachamama, la llaman Tierra." 
  Mujeres,  Eduardo Galeano

Ansiado homenaje a la inmensa Juana Azurduy, heroína absoluta de la Revolución. Pertenece a la serie "Retratos de los Oscurecidos"

It is a portrait of Juana Azurduy, a forgotten woman who fought in the first times of the Revolution in South America. She lost her four children while she was hidden in a swamp, well, she was a "guerrillera". Manuel Belgrano, one of the great Father of this country, gave his sword to her with admiration about his courage. She fought for the liberty of South America with the indians.

He died at the age of 82, forgotten by his country and the history. Simon Bolivar recognized to her, that the Republic of Bolivia should be called The Republic of Azurduy, to honor her.

Here is my homage to this great woman: The mother, the Goddess Earth who fought and who disarmed the spanish opression.

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